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Balm Beach Attractions

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The area was first inhabited by the Huron people (or Ouendat as they called themselves) over 500 years ago and was the heartland of the Huron nation. In 1610, Samuel de Champlain sent Etienne Brule to live with the Huron to learn about their language and culture. Champlain journeyed to the area in 1615. In 1793, John Graves Simcoe recognized the area with the establishment of a naval base in Penetanguishene Bay. 

Penetanguishene is the oldest town in Ontario and the second oldest in Canada. There are several of the finest heritage, cultural and educational sites to visit, all within the historical community of Tay Township.

Today the area is a thriving region offering numerous amenities as well as an array of recreational activities and attractions such as:


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